Two Rights Can Make a Wrong Part 2: Cackalacky & Cheerwine

I enjoy Cackalacky sauce and Cheerwine quite a bit as individual products, but I am more than dubious about putting the two together.  One need only remember the Cheerwine Krispy Kreme donut fiasco of 2010 to think twice about these sorts of experiments.  But perhaps I’ll be proven wrong.  Until then, here’s the official press release:

Cheerwine® And Cackalacky® Join Forces to Create a New Zesty-Sweet Sauce

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Chapel Hill, NC – Cackalacky, Inc. announced today that a new Cackalacky® Sweet Cheerwine® Sauce is now available to consumers. The spicy sauce with a note of downhome sweetness was developed in collaboration with Salisbury, NC-based Cheerwine.

A unique glaze and marinade that lends itself particularly well to barbecue, chicken wings and grilled morsels, the new product is destined to become an indispensible dipping sauce and tableside condiment. Designed to compliment Cheerwine soft drinks and the bounty of the Southern table, the new blend also serves as the perfect “bookend” to the Cackalacky company’s piquant flagship Spice Sauce. The product comes in 16-ounce jars.

While Facebook friends of the two Carolina companies have heard about the product via social media since Nov. 1, the first public roll out of the sauce was hosted at the Cheerwine and The Avett Brothers “Legendary Giveback™ II” Concert in Charleston, S.C. on Nov. 14. Fans attending the benefit concert for three organizations, Operation Homefront, Big Brothers Big Sisters and MUSC Children’s Hospital were able to sample the product prior to the show.

The sauce’s next public appearance was held as a part of “A Legendary Thanks! Giving!” food drive & local music event hosted on behalf of the Food Bank of Central & Eastern NC at Fullsteam Brewery in Durham, N.C. on Nov. 16.

“The folks at Cheerwine have been an absolute joy to work with on this project!” says Page Skelton, creator of the Cackalacky brand. “We are both family-owned North Carolina businesses who share a passion for creating happy moments and ‘doing some good’ in our community.”

Tom Barbitta Senior Vice president of Marketing & Sales for Cheerwine says, “Consumers across the heartland know that Cheerwine makes a great sauce for BBQ and for cooking in general. By now teaming up with Cackalacky, we make it easy for fans everywhere to enjoy a taste of what we like to call ‘the southern handshake,’ Cheerwine and BBQ, a match made in heaven!”

Cackalacky Sweet Cheerwine Sauce can be found at Harris Teeter stores in the Greensboro, NC area in late November, just in time for the holidays. Look for it in the “Meet Your Local Neighbor” section.

The sauce is available nationally at