Pure. Refreshing. Bacon.

A tip of the snout to the NC BBQ Society, as I learned in their January newsletter that the following beverage exists: bacon flavored vodka. Bakon Vodka (tagline “Pure. Refreshing. Bacon.”) is an inspired vision and leads me to wonder what the future might hold. If they can make bacon vodka, barbecue flavored vodka is possible too. Until then, you can make your own vodka porktails at home, I suppose. 

Bacon is the New Bran

Remember the days of health nuts eating wheat bran for breakfast?  Well, healthy living just got a whole lot tastier thanks to researchers at the University of North Carolina.  A tip of the snout to John Shelton Reed, who alerted us to this article on the Republic of Bacon website.  The article reports on a study published in the FASEB Journal showing that choline is important for the brain development of fetuses.  What foods are high in choline?  Well, bacon for one.  Thus, pregnant women may benefit from eating bacon and other choline-rich foods.

What does this news mean for BBQ Jews?  Well, we’ve established that high choline diets are good for pregnant women.  Bacon is loaded with choline.  Choline-rich bacon, for those of you who have the IQ of a 8-ounce package of extra firm tofu, is made from pig.  Pigs are the key ingredient in barbecue.  Thus, based on the transitive property, barbecue is good for unborn babies (and their mothers).  Now if only I could figure out how to become a pregnant woman…