BBQ in the News: March 2010

A few recent news items that are worth a mention but not a full post:

The Greensboro News & Record mentions the results of a survey ranking the Triad low on how its residents feel about their own well-being.  “Maybe it’s time to drown our sorrows in more barbecue,” offers the article.  Sage advice.

Maurice’s Gourmet Barbeque, the South Carolina restaurant chain known equally for its ‘cue and its owner’s racist views, has decided to remove the Confederate flag from outside most of its locations.  According to this article from WLTX 19, owner (and former gubernatorial candidate) Maurice Bessinger “says a bad economy has forced him to take down some of those flags” and that the flags cost too much to maintain.  An odd explanation to say the least.  Bessinger decided to place Confederate flags outside his restaurants roughly a decade ago when South Carolina lawmakers decided to remove the stars and bars from the capitol dome.

A University of Pittsburgh study concludes that the ancient people of Carthage did not barbecue their babies after all.