Inspired Farewell to “The Other White Meat”

A tip of the snout to alert reader John “Shave That Swine” Shaver, who tipped me off to the latest news from the National Pork Board.  Gone is the two and a half decade “The Other White Meat” ad campaign, which focused on comparing pork to chicken.  The Board’s new, improved slogan? “Pork: Be Inspired.”
An Associated Press article on the inspirational new campaign notes that the average American eats roughly 50 pounds of pork per year (I have always thought of myself as above average and this statistic does nothing to dissuade me).  That’s about half a hog’s worth of pork.  
Almost 70 percent of the pork consumed at home in the U.S. can be attributed to just 28% of households, undoubtedly many of which are located in North Carolina and other southern states.  
Ceci Snyder, the National Pork Board’s vice president of marketing, is quoted by the article saying: “The overall goal is to move sales of our product.  We want to increase pork sales by 10% by 2014. To do that, we needed to make a stronger connection, a more emotional connection to our product.”  Snyder goes on to say that targeting existing pork eaters is the strategy for increasing pork sales.  In case you are reading this article, Ms. Snyder, I am already doing my part but I promise to redouble my efforts.