The Power of Social Netporking

In observance of Earth Day, which we support despite our carnivorous ways, today’s post is vegetarian and features a completely pork-free message (well, at least no pictures of dead hogs).  Instead, today’s post focuses on shameless self-promotion.  In response to popular demand from our legions legion of devotees, we have created a Facebook page.  Please consider joining The BBQ Jew Crew if any of the following 10 statements apply to you:

1. I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night salivating for chopped pork.

2. I often wake up in the morning craving barbecue and scrambled eggs.

3. I am skeptical of social networking but believe in the world-changing power of social netporking.

4. After experiencing a strange and sudden metamorphosis I find myself with four hooves and a yarmulke.

5. I think there ought to be a Jess Swicegood & Sid Weaver Day holiday in NC.

6. I have too much time on my hands.

7. I am Jewish and eat pork.

8. I am not Jewish and eat pork.

9. I am agnostic when it comes to religion but fundamentalist when it comes to barbecue.

10. I like both swine and the Interweb.

The benefits of joining The BBQ Jew Crew are almost too many to name, so I will focus on just a couple.  First, you get to plug our website in exchange for no compensation whatsoever.  Second, you get to wow your friends by being part of an exclusive club for which membership is available only to those that apply.  If those compelling reasons haven’t convinced you, we’ll forgive you.  Oh, and we promise to post something a wee bit more substantive (to the extent possible on a website devoted to barbecue) on Friday.  Until then, happy Earth Day.

3 Responses

  1. After reading your post in haste, I jaunted on over to hoping to find a community welcoming me, my love of pork, and, if my mom is to be believed, my supposed 1/16th Jewishness. This is not what I found.

  2. Nate, you are a brave dude to type into your browser.

  3. I joined the crew. But sadly only 2 of the 10 listed statements apply to me. I’ll work on that.

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