All Aboard the Oink Express

All aboard the Oink Express!

All aboard the Oink Express!

Awhile back we got a question from an out of state reader about where to find decent mail order barbecue.  We recommended King’s Oink Express, since King’s is the only joint we know of that offers such a service as part of their everyday business (we’ve heard of some other joints that will ship pork upon special request).  I am pleased to report that a friend of mine who lives in California stepped up to the (barbecue) plate  and decided to try the Oink Express.

My friend–he prefers to be known as Governor Schwarzenoinker
to give the proper gravitas to his comments–reports that his Oink Express order arrived quickly, still frozen in the styrofoam cooler and accompanied by clear reheating instructions (pictured above).  But how did the pork-in-a-box taste?  Gov. Schwarzenoinker writes, with a palpable sense of astonishment, “It was really good! I admit I”m probably not a good judge, as I haven’t had NC barbecue in about four years.  I really like the sauce though. I thought the pork itself was pretty good–a bit too mushy maybe, but overall really tasty and it picked up the sauce well.  The hush puppies weren’t great but I’m not sure there’s any good way to ship and reheat them.   The collard greens were good, but super oily.  So overall, I was very pleased.  Mail order food is tricky and I really felt like I was eating a meal in NC.  It was good enough to bring back memories.”  There you have it, straight from Gov. Schwarzenoinker’s mouth/snout.

I am very happy to hear that it is possible for out-of-staters to get a quick fix of decent NC barbecue, though I worry that endorsing this option will greatly reduce the number of folks returning to town to pay me a visit.

Pork in a box: one of the many the wonders of Fed Ex 2-day Air.

Pork in a box: one of the many the wonders of Fed Ex 2-day Air.

7 Responses

  1. I’d venture to guess that the best way to reheat hushpuppies would be in an oven/toaster oven. May not be exact but may reduce soggy pups.

  2. Fry ’em.

  3. you can wrap a few hushpuppies in a wet papertowel and heat in microwave only about 10/15 seconds..
    been doing this for years as I have returned from Carolina to VA.

  4. Thanks, mrs boyd, I’ll give that a try next time I end up with left over pups (doesn’t happen often, of course).

  5. We just learned that Smithfield’s Chicken ‘n Bar-B-Q also ships BBQ by mail. See

  6. […] readers may recall my first foray into mail order pork, when a friend of mine named Governor Schwarzenoinker taste tested some of King’s Oink […]

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