Three-Legged Pig Joke

I heard a version of the below joke from my father-in-law recently and figured it would make for a good post.  So, here goes (feel free to substitue “Rabbi” for “preacher” if that’s more your speed)…
A preacher was walking down a country road when he saw the strangest thing; a pig walking around on three legs.  The preacher stopped at the farmhouse and asked the farmer, “My son, why does your pig only have three legs?”
“Well,” said the farmer, “that there pig is special. One time my wife stepped out of the kitchen for a moment while cooking and a fire started. The pig came running inside with a pail of water and saved me, my wife, and our kids.” 
“That’s amazing sir but why does that pig only have three legs?” said the man. 
“Oh,” said the preacher, “it sounds like a smart pig, but what about its missing leg?”
“Well,” the farmer replied to the preacher ignoring his question, “just 2 months ago, I was working on my tractor and the jack fell and the tractor was crushing me. I yelled for help and the pig rushed to my rescue, dug me out and pulled me out of harm’s way.”
“Wow,” said the preacher, “that’s one brave pig but its leg,  it is missing its… .”
“Like I said preacher,”  the farmer interjected, “this pig is very special to my family.  We just can’t bring ourselves to eat it all at once.”

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