Better Than Swine Fever

I'm working under the assumption that the pig is dribbling and not mounting the ball.

 We interrupt your regularly scheduled pork programming to wish you a happy March Madness.  

If there is one thing we at love more than barbecue, it’s college hoops.  Lucky for us, the ACC Tournament is underway so life is good.  Or bad, if the team you root for has already lost or wears baby blue… or, in rare cases, fits both categories.  (Editor’s note: The Rib Rabbi is a Tar Heels fan but I, being a gentleman as well as a lifelong Blue Devils fan, will say nothing disparaging about his team.) 

This year the ACC Tournament has returned to the Greensboro Coliseum, where all reasonable people agree the tourney should be held every year.  After all, you can walk across the street from the Coliseum to Stamey’s and get a BBQ fix in between games.  What a town!