(Don’t) Pass Over That Pork

Happy Passover, y’all. 

Because I follow the dietary rules of Passover, every year I struggle to answer the ‘what’s for dinner?’question. It recently dawned on me that a barbecue plate is the near perfect answer. 

I say ‘near’ for two reasons. First, the hush puppies are problematic. But these can usually be swapped for something else–perhaps collards, to serve as the greens to symbolize the coming spring (yes, the karpas!). It’s important that the hush puppies not end up on your plate, as studies have found that it humanly impossible to resist their siren song.* 

Might the symbolic shank bone come from a pig?

Second, pork isn’t exactly kosher. 

Of course, I am writing this on a site called BBQ Jew. And it would be logical to deduce that I don’t keep kosher. In that light, why not contemplate a plate of barbecue as the ideal Passover meal? 

If you’re not kosher are you supposed to pretend you are for the 8 days of Passover? Is a Passover barbecue plate just not cool?  

Please do tell us your thoughts on the topic. I reckon we won’t find any rabbinical ruminations on the subject, so we need all the lay musings we can get.  

While I’ll avoid bread and most wheat-based products (I have made a deal with the devil on Grape Nuts), I know I’ll eat pork a few times during the week. It’s just a question of how guilty I should feel.

Finally, for you gentiles out there–be sure you really savor that next barbecue sandwich. I’ll be right there with you next week.


*This is blatantly made up. But it’s probably pretty close to being true!