We previously linked to a piece about Scott’s Bar-B-Q in South Carolina. But anytime Joe York, the Leni Riefenstahl of the Southern Foodways Alliance, makes a short film, we try to find an excuse to link to it.

Despite it being on the wrong side of the border, any barbecue lover can appreciate the craftsmanship and artistry of both Rodney Scott’s cue. Same goes for the film CUT/CHOP/COOK. As if cooking over wood coals isn’t visually rich enough, Scott cuts his own trees to provide fodder for the pit and this documentary. Which leads to this great line:

Kinda like a chef pickin out his tomatoes in a garden, I pick my own trees fresh out of the woods. Yup. There ain’t no other way.

I hate to quibble, but there sure is. It’s just amazing that in a world where cooking with wood is considered by many to be too onerous, Scott regards securing that wood himself as essential. Awesome.

Any ‘cue hound has to love this film and the visuals of the coals, the sauce mopping and especially the slow-mo shot of putting the hog on the pit (at the 4:55 mark).

It’s hard to watch this documentary and not want to start up the car for the drive to Hemingway to get a few pounds. If I do, I’ll be sure to ask for a piece of skin and to respect the 9:30 a.m. opening time.

5 Responses

  1. Been a loyal follower of your site for over a year now. And this video is the real tear-jerking shiznit!!!! Thank you so much! Road trip being planned.

  2. at one point i actually started eating my computer screen. that was awesome.

  3. I drove passed that place about a week ago. If we literally had not just eaten at Brown’s BBQ in Kingstree, we would have stopped in. We’re planning a visit…VERY soon.

  4. Dude. This is awesome.

  5. My wife and I went here last year after the NY Times article came out in June 09. As you drive down the road you can see the smoke wafting in the air. Hemingway is in the middle of nowhere and it just smells different, it all added to the mystique of the whole experience. There is a liquor store next door also for refreshments.

    Just go, but try and call beforehand and make sure of the hours and then get there early, they will run out of pork.

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