Patriotism Carolina-Style

It’s America’s birthday this weekend and one of the oldest cities in North Carolina has big plans to celebrate.  What better way to celebrate Independence Day than to build the biggest barbecue sandwich on record?  At least that’s what Tommy Moore, the owner and pitmaster of Moore’s Olde Tyme Barbecue in New Bern figures as he sets his sights on the Guinness world record for Largest Barbecue Open Sandwich (Editor’s note: I’m not sure exactly what that category means, but who cares!). 

According to the Sun Journal, the big ol’ BBQ on a bun will be unveiled at New Bern’s Fourth of July celebration, which this year marks the town’s 300th birthday. Oh, and since New Bern is also the birthplace of Pepsi (aka “Brad’s Drink,”) you may want to wash your share of that sandwich down with an ice cold one.

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  1. Here it is, a new record:

    Make sure to check out the photos and video clip.

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