Is the new barbecue joint coming to Chapel Hill The Barbecue Joint?

A tip of the snout to Dave Filpus, who writes at his NC Barbecue Musings blog that a new barbecue joint is opening in the space where the barbecue joint called The Barbecue Joint was located before its doors were padlocked shut. There are also rumors that The Barbecue Joint that used to be located in the place where the new barbecue joint is opening will return but in another location and maybe with another name or maybe under the name The Barbecue Joint.  Confused yet?  So am I. 

According to the website/Facebook page for The Pig, the new place opening up, the restaurant will be “Bringing regional flavors and local ingredients to the party in your tummy, featuring whole-hog barbecue, cola-braised pork belly sandwiches and Mee-Ma’s low-country, house-smoked, chicken-fried tofu.”  Yep, you read that right. 

Stay tuned and I am sure more details about The Pig will be revealed soon… I am wondering if it is actually the rumored return of The Barbecue Joint, as the combo of yuppified barbecue and similarly untraditional dishes (tofu) offered next to fairly traditional BBQ certainly seems similar. [The plot thickens:  since drafting this post a few days ago Dave Filpus has posted more info on his site, check it out.]