A Shot Across the Bow: Dickey’s Moving Onto Sacred Land

The news out of Raleigh is not good, ladies and gentlemen.  Not since the days of British colonial rule has our state witnessed such a threat to our way of life.  According to the New Raleigh blog, mediocre Texas-based barbecue chain (my words, not their’s) Dickey’s Barbecue Pit will be opening up a store in the Progress Energy Building this fall. 

The Progress Energy Building just so happens to be directly across the street from a certain 70-plus year old local BBQ institution–Clyde Cooper’s.  Shouldn’t the North Carolina Utilities Commission, charged with overseeing companies like Progress Energy, regulate this affront on our state’s values?!  For all we know, Progress Energy is using power customers’ fees to subsidize Dickey’s rent in some sort of Halliburtonesque scheme.* 

Now, in my humble opinion, Clyde Cooper’s ranks squarely in the middle of the pack of NC barbecue joints, but I’m still willing to go to bat for them against the evil forces of mass produced corporate Texas ‘cue.  Let’s make a stand, draw a line in the sand/Davie Street asphalt, and send as many people to eat at Cooper’s during Dickey’s opening weeks as possible. And if you have a “Mess with Texas” t-shirt then this is as good a time as any to wear it.

*Note to Progress Energy’s legal staff: this allegation has no basis in the truth and is presumably patently false. However, the BBQ Jew Legal Department is fully prepared to defend my freedom of speech and dares you to find any court in NC that would take a stand against the state’s barbecue tradition in favor of Texas-sympathizers like yourselves.

4 Responses

  1. IMO, this is a huge tactical error on Dickey’s part. Setting up a Texas BBQ shop across the street from Cooper’s is a recipe for disaster. Were they hoping to steal some of Cooper’s business for that messy, sticky nonsense they serve?

    They would’ve been better served to pick a location far away from Cooper’s, or at least a few blocks away.

    I believe that–when faced between Texas BBQ that costs $7.00+ or NC BBQ that costs $5.00–folks will vote with their wallets and stomachs. Dickey’s will be cleaning out their failed establishment within 18 months.

  2. Why can’t Raleigh have a decent BBQ joint?

    Sadly, what Raleigh BBQ isn’t mediocre? The adage “when it’s good, it’s great, but when it’s not…” We don’t need more mediocre BBQ, we just need one great place.

    I am a fan of The Pit, but they have placed themselves in a niche that isn’t BBQ friendly – they are too expensive for it to be a regular stop on the rotation. Further, they don’t lend themselves to stopping in for take out, which on occasion, would be nice.

    Coopers and Barbecue Lodge (I know there are folks that shudder when those two are mentioned in the same sentence, but I do lump them there) are the very definition of the adage above.

    For the McDonalds of Eastern North Carolina BBQ, Smithfield is very good (I’m a big fan), but it feels too sterile and manufactured. Further, Smithfield isn’t IN Raleigh itself – you have to go to the suburbs of Cary, Wake Forest, and Garner.

    There are others – the Q-Shack, Ole Time BBQ – that just never make my radar. I’ve not been that impressed by either.

    Where does that leave us? Sadly, a road trip to Goldsboro or Wilson is necessary. The capital of North Carolina ought to be the capital of Q, not Ayden. Or Willow Springs. Until it is, Dickey’s fits in perfectly.

  3. Fight the good fight, Porky! It’s one thing to open a corporate ‘cue chain outlet in a mall or theme park or somewhere else where there’s no real BBQ options, but right across the street from a real BBQ joint? That’s just sad.

  4. I can’t believe how these “non-NC-Q-joints” think that they have a place here in the Old North State! Give me either “Eastern” or “Lexington” style barbecue, but keep these “foreigner’s” outahere!
    At least MAKE them post a sign that what they have isn’t “North Carolina Barbecue”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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