RDU Kidding Me?

RDU, can we talk?

A sign of love in MEM

I recently had the pleasure of flying through Memphis and was struck by the emphasis on swine. In the one terminal I traversed, there were two barbecue shops (quite crowded at 9 AM I might add) and one porcine deity (see pic below). And barbecue isn’t even Memphis’ main thing–a distant third to the music/Beale Street and all things Elvis.

Now. Since you’re located in an area with nary a nationally-renowned ‘thing’ (Pharmaceuticals?), RDU, I’d think you would really embrace barbecue. Give me one good reason why there isn’t a mid-terminal pig pickin’ every day.

OK, at least a pickin’ outside the terminal to welcome visitors. And why aren’t there smokers in every Park & Ride lot for returning Carolinians. Inside, there should be rival Lexington and Eastern-style shops, hopefully set up on opposite sides of the airport’s midway point.

At the very least, RDU, we need one decent swine seller.  Instead, you give us the mediocrity that is Brookwood Farms. Now, the eatery’s output ain’t all bad. But Brookwood has its place in the world–the supermarket meat section.

Where are RDU's hog chefs?? (MEM swine idolatry)

Sure, getting a barbecue joint that cooks over coals may be difficult, but I’d settle for a well-done gas operation. A place that serves a decent barbecue sandwich (and sweet tea).

You can do better, RDU. I know you can. And you have just the opportunity–the entire new half of Terminal 2 will be opening soon. Let’s celebrate that event with a new barbecue restaurant or two and a kick-off pig pickin’.

6 Responses

  1. At least a “Smithfield’s Chicken and Barbecue” would be good for a wee bit of “Eastern” style! Still not a real wood-cooked pig, but tasty just the same.

  2. Totally. That’s the kind of compromise I was imagining.

  3. Just found your site…love it. My Jewish husband loves pork!!

  4. Not sure if you’re including this in your “two barbecue shops” tally, but there’s a Corky’s BBQ in the Memphis airport, too–conveniently located just across from the gate where the Northwest flight to Charleston used to depart. I may well be have been guilty of being in that barbecue line at 9:00 a.m.

    Haven’t been through the Memphis airport since the Delta/Northwest merger, but I’ll assume Corky’s is still going strong.

  5. Hey Robert. Yeah, that was the other one. Good for you for the 9am barbecue. You’re a better man than I. A slightly less healthy, but better man.

    Noble Pig–You have impeccable taste in men.

  6. Dear BBQ Jew,
    Thanks for the post on the Memphis airport. As someone who grew up in Memphis and visits every year, I can say there are a lot of Memphians who would take issue with your ranking barbecue as the third of the city’s main things. At any rate, I agree: put a good barbecue place in RDU.

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