Sign of the Times?

Here’s a sign I spotted while lamenting the dearth of barbecue joints and the abundance of boiled peanuts in Southern Virginia.  I was hoping to find a place that would show me how good Brunswick stew can be. Alas…

At least I now know where the name comes from.

Virginia is for (Stew) Lovers?

2 Responses

  1. I love that sign. You would think the sign would say simply, “The Home of Brunswick Stew.” But, considering that Virginia and Georgia have long debated which state is the real place where Brunswick Stew originated, maybe the “Original Home” is the more accurate term. Virginia, the historical evidence shows, is actually the original.

  2. Robert, good point about the underlying insecurity evident in the sign’s wording. I agree that the Virginians can rest safe in their claim:

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