Sign of the Times?

Here’s a sign I spotted while lamenting the dearth of barbecue joints and the abundance of boiled peanuts in Southern Virginia.  I was hoping to find a place that would show me how good Brunswick stew can be. Alas…

At least I now know where the name comes from.

Virginia is for (Stew) Lovers?

Run for Your Lives, The McRib is Back!

Breaking news from the Fast Food Nation: The McRib returned to McDonald’s locations nationwide yesterday.  (And just in time for the election: Republicans make big gains and the McRib is reinstated, not sure what to make of that connection.)  Sure, the McRib has it’s defenders, such as one James Pkafke, who writes, “The McRib is like some kind of delicious, mythical being, akin to pure joy captured and stuffed into bread and boneless pork.” But, frankly, whoever this Pkafke guy is (a mythical being, perhaps?), I am quite confident that he is an idiot.  After all, he can’t even correctly spell his own last name–Pkafke, really?  C’mon!  The world needs the return of the McRib like it needs the reemergence of polio.  In my professional opinion, I recommend you vaccinate yourself with a plate of real barbecue from your favorite local joint.

Happy Hogoween 2010

Sunday is a day of rest for this BBQ Jew, so please accept my belated, day-after wishes for a happy Halloween.  And take solace that, no matter how hokey your costume was this year, it can’t possibly have been as pathetic looking as this one: