Pork Alchemy: Transforming Christmas Ham into Barbecue

As much as I enjoy a good spiral cut Christmas ham, it’s not as good as barbecue.  I decided to perform a little pork alchemy and attempt to turn my leftover ham into barbecue. My secret recipe follows:

1. Dice the ham to make it somewhat resemble barbecue.

2. Sauce the ham liberally with barbecue sauce (in this case from the North Carolina Barbecue Company).

3. Eat.

Although the end product bears little resemblance to NC barbecue in appearance, taste or texture, it does taste pretty decent in its own right. Gratuitous before, during and after pictures follow.

3 Responses

  1. I don’t know, man. Kind of cat-foodish. Have you tried throwing it into a crock-pot (yikes) to get the texture a little closer?

  2. Ha. And the crock pot would get the texture a little closer to barbecue or to cat food?

  3. Please don’t think badly of me, but I have given up beef and pork. However, I can’t give up NC bbq. So, my sweet husband invented NC bbq made from dark meat chicken. Like the suggestion above, you do put it in a crock pot and add the NC bbq spices – especially the cider vinegar. If you top it with bbq slaw (or hot slaw as they call it in Rowan County), it tastes pretty similar.

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