Dickey’s vs. BBQ Jew: Tweet Battle Royale

Just days after joining Twitter I received the below none-too-friendly tweet from my new friends at Dickey’s Barbecue. A shot across the bow indeed!

Dickey's Barbecue  Dickeys_NC Dickey’s Barbecue “@BBQJew At some point you will be man enough to allow our response and positive customer feedback that was once there . Why do you censor??”

 Here’s what I said in response:

Porky LeSwine BBQJew Porky LeSwine “@Dickeys_NC I have never censored anything on my site other than spam. Assuming your BBQ isn’t spam, I won’t censor your comments either.”

Maybe Dickey’s will respond by commenting on this post… if they are “man enough.”  Oh brother. I guess this is how Texans settle their differences when the death penalty is not an option.