Bob Garner Goes Online

I discovered recently that legendary NC BBQ eater, author and TV host Bob Garner has a website. Check it out here.  Bob has kindly agreed to a BBQ&A with me, so I hope to publish that interview sometime in the not too distant future.  Until then, I highly recommend his two outstanding books on NC BBQ.

6 Responses

  1. has Bob Garner made any dvd’s on N. C. bbq? Do you know of any documentaries on N.C. bbq? thanks

  2. Garner did a one-hour TV special, “North Carolina Barbecue: Flavored by Time,” based on his book of the same title. I don’t know whether it’s commercially available or not. You could probably ask him: He has a website,, with contact info.

  3. Oops. I see that this thread began with Porky’s link to Garner’s website. Never mind.

  4. im from rocky mount nc, looking for
    a barbecue place that shippes, im in jefferson city, tn.

  5. rocky, any relation to the Melton’s of Rocky Mount barbecue fame? As to your question, read for one option. NC Barbecue Company–featured recently–is another option. Or you can call your favorite place and ask–some will ship Q even if they don’t advertise the service.

  6. yes that was my grandads uncle, bob melton, located on the river. i need north carolina barbeque, pototaes, and stew, husppies, slaw., ive got to get back, i still have kin there, i always eat at garners. let me at it, thank

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