Going Postal (Again) in Hickory

Hickory, the town with the second greatest name in North Carolina–after the town of Barbecue, of course–is the site of a new barbecue joint.  Well, not exactly new, but Post Office BBQ is back open under new ownership after a hiatus, sayeth the Hickory Daily Record (HDR).

According to the HDR, “The new Post Office BBQ owners had purchased an existing building, but they wanted to make renovations including refurbishing the dining area with new floors, flat screen TVs, and wireless Internet service. However, their most important addition was a smoker to cook their meats on site. ‘Most local restaurants purchase their barbeque from wholesalers and add their own sauce,’ explains co-owner Lee Spach. ‘We do our own cooking on site to provide the freshest, tastiest barbeque pork, chicken, and beef in the area.’”

Wi-Fi in a barbecue joint is one of the seven deadly sins, I believe, but adding a smoker is a positive step. Whether that smoker is gas/electric or a true wood-burner is unclear; I strongly suspect the former but even that is better than nothing.  If you’ve been to the new Post Office BBQ, let me know, as I’d enjoy hearing a first hand report.  Heck, you can even send me your thoughts from your laptop using the restaurant’s Wi-Fi.

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