Free Pork Runners-Up

Although only one lucky reader won the free Battle Box from the NC Barbecue Company, I was lucky enough to receive seven other entries, and figured I’d share a few of them with you here.  Proof positive that readers are the wittiest, most insightful readers of a Judea-centric barbecue blog anywhere:

A BBQ Haiku by Kevin “Bacon Oscar” Myers
Vinegar tang and sweet smoke
Yahweh would approve

John Shelton Reed Preaches to the Choir
Why do I like NC barbecue?  Because it carries with it all the weight of tradition, respects the meat, and makes me happy.  My favorite part of the website is your unerring critical judgment and sometimes snarky sense of humor (not a “part,” exactly, but an aspect, or two).

We used a black and white print of the attached photo [from Wilber’s in Goldsboro] in HOLY SMOKE, but it’s even better in color.


A BBQ Haiku by Nate “Tender Beef” O’Keefe
NC bar-b-que is tender
For the giver and the sender
If at random you reply
The battle box will be all mine

Gorging with the Gorges: A Note from Boone “Pork Daddy” Gorges and his Wife Rebecca “Pregnant Pork Belly” Gorges
My wife and I are dyed-in-the-wool Yankees, but we love NC barbecue and have done several cue-focused tours of your fine state. Our most recent trip was in June 2011. Despite being 7 months pregnant, my wife indulged me in the gluttonous splendor of 20 different barbecue joints (ok ok – two of them were in southern VA) in the course of seven days. The attached pic shows my very preggers wife in front of Honeymonk’s.

You can read more about our trip here and see my live porkphotoblog archive here .

[Note from Porky: If the winner had been picked for best entry rather than random draw, you surely would have fun.  It seems you’ve found yourself the perfect wife so treat her like a queen–a queen who feasts on barbecue.]

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  1. My congratulations to the winner. Anyone whose nickname is “Cracklin'” deserves to win a barbecue contest, and if the prize is NC barbecue and he lives in Washington State, he really needs to win.

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