Now Closed: Nelson’s Barbecue

Sad news from Lumberton, where I’ve learned that just a few months after opening, Nelson’s Barbecue has shut its doors.  Owner Andy Price apparently overextended himself financially and, despite a beautiful restaurant space and a true passion for traditional wood-cooked barbecue, Nelson’s is no more.  No word yet on what will happen to the property or equipment.  I’ll check with Andy and see if he’d like to share anymore on this site.  I was impressed by Andy and his family, and am very sad to see their dream fade away so quickly.  Here’s to hoping an angel investor will swoop in and help Andy out.

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  1. Man, that really stinks. Andy catered my now-late grandmother’s 80th birthday years ago and I’m not lying when I say his was the best BBQ I’ve EVER tasted. Better than anything I ever got served at the legendary spots across the state; certainly better than anything I ever cooked.

    I would often ask my grandmother after that party what she knew about the status of Nelson’s…when it would open, what the hold up was. I was more eager to see that place open than any restaurant I can recall, and I hate to learn that it finally DID open…only to close shortly thereafter.

    I have no doubts–were money not an issue (but when is it not)–that Nelson’s would’ve developed a rabid following and become, over time, one of the great “new” BBQ joints in NC.

    Thank you for the post and the update, even if the news is dour.

  2. It’s a damn shame that Nelson’s closed and Smithfield Chicken ‘n Barbecue did not. It’s not news that wood-cooked North Carolina barbecue is endangered. Even in Lexington I gather that only four of the twenty-odd barbecue places are still doing it properly, and in the last six weeks I’ve been to a church fundraiser and a retirement pig-pickin that both served “barbecue” untouched by smoke. Is it any wonder that outlanders look down on North Carolina barbecue when they’ve never had the real thing? I had hopes that Nelson’s. right there on I-95, would be doing some educating.

  3. Well said, Porcophile. On a happier note, I’ve heard of more BBQ places lately that have opened and are using smoke–need to investigate to see if they’re using electric cookers with wood inserts, charcoal, or what. Hope springs eternal…

  4. A little macabre to post this article after the closing was announced, but I just stumbled into it and wanted to share:

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