No Experience Necessary

Everyone once in awhile I get an email that stands out from the dozens–okay, just two or three–that I get each week.  Last week I got a note from someone I will call “Mike” because his name is Mike.  I had no good answer for Mike and hope some of you loyal readers can help me out.  Mike’s email follows verbatim (even his use of the word perspicacity, which I had to look up):

To my favorite parttime purveyors of pork perspicacity,

You have a great blog, its a constant source of much joy, and the first time I ever cooked a whole shoulder I used your rub recommendations with some minor tweaks. It was awesome.
I’m writing because you seem like you interact with plenty of NC BBQ types and so you might be able to answer my question. Due to a serious change in personal circumstances, my previous career is ending, and so I’ve got some time to go back to square one and chase my real dream: cooking pig for a small living, and getting to meet cool people in the process.
This is obviously not easily accomplished, so I’m looking for a pig-ternship of sorts in the RDU area, some place where I can go to learn, bust my ass, and smell like smoke when I get home. I’ll do whatever I need to do, but I’d like to get my foot in the door.
I’m wondering since you seem to have an ear to the ground of sorts- is there some pig pit in particular where a skilled and willing amateur could go beg for a job without getting laughed out of the kitchen? ([Name deleted] from [restaurant deleted] seems like a possibility…)
I know career advice isn’t in your normal job description, but this is a pretty non-traditional situation. All the best!
Alright folks, let’s help Mike chase his smoke-filled dreams.  If you have ideas leave them in the comments or email me at bbqjew at and I’ll connect you with Mike.

2 Responses

  1. Scott’s BBQ in Goldsboro is an opportunity for someone to take over a dying classic restaurant.

  2. I’d got talk to Steve Grady at Grady’s BBQ in Dudley. He’s in his 70’s, and remarked on one visit there that there is no one to take over the business once he can’t do it any longer.

    Don’t know if he’d welcome the help, but I’d sure welcome having his ‘que around for a whole heck of a lot longer. It’s my favorite in the state…

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