Speedy Lohr’s

I finally made it to Speedy Lohr’s a couple of weeks back and it was well worth the visit.  Speedy Lohr’s is located a bit outside of Lexington in the (what I shall call) hamlet of Arcadia, and they cook their barbecue over wood as God intended.  As you can see in the photo below, Speedy Lohr’s adds a bit more sauce dip than I prefer but quibbles aside it was good ‘cue.

Waste Not, Want Not

Thanks to the illustrious J.S. Reed for sending along the below image of a World War II British propaganda poster. The poster begs the question as to whether loyal citizens should save pork scraps should to feed the hogs.  Yes would be my guess, as the way that fat pig is winking and grinning, it looks like he’s been eating barbecue.


Pork, Pickles & Peanuts

What could be finer than pork, pickles and peanuts in Carolina?  Nothing, or so I’m told.  Stop by Duke Homestead in Durham this Saturday (tomorrow, in other words) and find out for yourself.

According to PP&P’s organizers, the festival will feature “a BBQ cook off and pie competition, live music, costumed interpreters at our historic site, local arts and crafts vendors, and a mock Tobacco Queen pageant.”

Better yet, the winner of the pageant “will make her debut in September at our Harvest & Hornworm festival.”  I bet you can’t wait to put that on your resume, young ladies!

In all seriousness, the event looks like it’ll be a blast so check it out.  Learn more on the Interwebs.

Free Copy of Holy Smoke

With all due respect to Bob Garner, who I admire and who has a terrific new book out, the best book published to date on NC barbecue is Holy Smoke.  My barbecue buddy John Shelton Reed, one of the book’s authors, alerted me to an opportunity to win a free copy this Friday (plus an apron!).  Check out UNC’s Press’ page at http://uncpressblog.com/2012/07/03/free-book-friday-holy-smoke-edition/

Andy Griffith, Apple Pie, Pork and Bluegrass

Happy Fourth of July everyone!  There are few things more American than Andy Griffith, who recently passed away in his beloved our beloved home state of North Carolina.  I was trying to figure out an excuse to talk about Andy on this blog but it seemed like a stretch.  I mean, what does Andy Griffith have to do with pork?  Well, my good friend Eric “Cracklin’s” Calhoun answerwed that question for me with the following video.  Take a look and pay your respects to the man who everyone loved and who helped give NC a good name (even if most of us have been subject to a handful of Mayberry-golly-gee stereotypes over the years!).


Andy, you’re an honorary BBQ Jew in my book.  Rest in peace.