Robinson Ferry Restaurant & Spirits

There’s a new barbecue restaurant open way up north, the north part of the state that is.  Robinson Ferry Restaurant & Spirits opened in Warrenton a week ago, and specializes in southern food including barbecue.  I plan to try it soon but let me know if you’ve already been…

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  1. Vistited Robinson Ferry on June 23. While not in the mood for pork, I did order the BLT made with fried green tomatoes. It was enormous! The bacon was cooked perfectly, slightly crispy, but not overdone. Tomatoes were fried very well, but the batter could have used some pepper or even paprika. I would avoid the sweet potato chips. They are made on site, but are sliced so paper thin they shrink up when fried and taste more of grease than potato when served. Service is good. My waitress was attentive and inquired as to why I did not finish the chips. She was even willing to send me on my way with french fries, which I declined. I think it is worth one more try; this time for BBQ.

  2. I made it up to Warrenton and tried Robinson Ferry. Nice town (I’d never been before), nice restaurant, friendly staff. I wasn’t too impressed by the BBQ but you know me and my hard-to-please porkhound ways. Still a nice place to visit and enjoy a meal, though next time I go I’ll be sampling other parts of the menu.

  3. Ordered take out from Robinson Ferry and it ws the worst BBQ I have ever tasted…..really..if you call that BBQ!!!! Just one of many people that think they can open a restaurant and know nothing about how to put good food on the plate… the fried chicken taste like Hardee’s chicken no kidding try it!!!!

  4. I have been several times. Love every thing I have gotten. The BBQ was terrific and so was the chicken and porkchops. Chicken from Hardee’s like the man said the comment before me. He must like cold chicken. Thats ok. But also the service is really great and getting better everyday. The people working there and just the atmospere is great. Now you can’t get that at other places.


  6. Such a bad experience will never step foot in the place again.

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