Charlotte Home of State’s First BBQ Joint?

Fascinating post from last week’s Southern Foodways Alliance blog about barbecue’s surprisingly long history in Charlotte:

The Pit Smokes Its Way to Durham

In case you’ve not yet head, Raleigh-based yuppie-friendly barbecue purveyors, The Pit, have confirmed their plans to open a location in Durham.  Details are in the Herald-Sun.  Despite my trepidation over an upscale, tofu-barbecuing restaurant moving closer to my home, I have a lot of respect for The Pit’s commitment to cooking over wood and am excited about the news.

Porky’s Pulpit: Taking a Break

Until recently, I updated this site multiple times each week for the past two years (451 posts to date).  Although I still feel like there are many stories to tell about North Carolina barbecue, I’m suffering from what my doctor would call an acute case of Hog Blog Fatigue if only she was better educated (undoubtedly, soon enough HBF will be a diagnosable disorder complete with its own set of prescription remedies).

My love of North Carolina barbecue is as strong as ever–I will love BBQ in sickness and in health, et al.–but I’m going to take a break from writing about it.  I will likely resurface with occasional posts in the not too distant future but I’m giving up on the regular posting dream, at least for now.  Until we meet again, in the absence of new content on my website, enjoy Bob Garner’s new book, re-read Holy Smoke with a highlighter, or head to your local barbecue joint for a plate, tray or sandwich (your choice).

Thanks for reading, everyone.