Our State is a Very, Very Fine State

Our State Magazine, which is a real gem when it comes to documenting North Carolina culture, has provided another reason to sign up for a subscription: barbecue.  As reported in Kathleen Purvis’ I’ll Bite blog–and in the copy of Our State that arrived in my mailbox a couple of weeks ago–2013 brings us a series of Our State articles on barbecue.  What could be finer than reading about ‘cue in Carolina?  Well, other than eating it…

Until you get a chance to dine on some swine, or at least read the magazine, view the online Carolina ‘Cue section at http://www.ourstate.com/carolina-cue/

New Year’s Diet in Style: Barbecue

Just in time for everyone to make their New Year’s resolution about losing weight: the BBQ Diet.  Learn more–or don’t and make it up yourself–at https://twitter.com/BBQDiet .  Sadly, the barbecue these dieters are referring to is primarily of the bastardized verb variety–grilling, by any other name.