SCNB Marching Across the Border

Perhaps taking an, ahem, cue from the evil regional foodways-destroying giant good folks at Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, North Carolina’s own Smithfield’s Chicken ‘N Bar-B-Q is looking to push its pulled pork beyond the state’s borders.  The company, which features more than 30 locations across the Tar Heel State, decided recently to sell franchises in other states.  Displaced North Carolinians, this could be your chance to bring a taste of home to whatever God forsaken land you live in–Utah, New York, TEXAS!



Notably, Smithfield’s is expanding beyond the state’s borders under the awkwardly-acronymed name SCNB CHICKEN ‘N BAR-B-Q. It sounds like the latest boy band to me, but what do I know?  Presumably the town of Smithfield didn’t test well in market research.  Oh well.

Best of luck to Smithfield’s, SCNB, NKOTB (New Kids Offering the Barbecue) or whatever identity they settle on.  Go out there and show America what North Carolina barbecue is like! (Or at least what a mainstream facsimile of NC barbecue is like.)

The POTUS’ Sticky Fingers

President Obama clearly enjoys North Carolina (well, at least Asheville) and barbecue.  Whether he enjoys North Carolina barbecue remains an open question.

According to an AP article run in the News & Observer–a story that fits squarely within the Observer part of the paper–Obama’s people placed a large takeout order at 12 Bones when the POTUS visited town earlier this week.  Barry “Bones” Obama has eaten the restaurant’s food at least 3 times (and with all the drones flying around the world, maybe he’s snuck some more without us realizing.)

No word yet on whether The Prez will be the grand marshall of the annual Barbecue Festival in Lexington this October–an act that would help answer the question of whether he actually likes NC barbecue or has a love for 12 Bones due to its broad, non-regionally appropriate selection of barbecue (brisket, ribs, chicken, et al.).

Johnson Family BBQ

New in Durham, wood burners…