Guy Parker’s Old Fashioned Barbeque Sauce

I used to regularly travel to Goldsboro for work and was always curious about the vacant but tidy Guy Parker’s Barbeque Restaurant near the edge of downtown.  I never did figure out the story behind the restaurant until seeing this interesting article.  Between Guy Parker’s and Scott’s, Goldsboro is becoming a barbecue town known as much for its ghosts (and their sauce) as for its existing restaurants.

Don’t Mess with Texxas [sic]

In case you haven’t heard, Texas Monthly magazine has hired its first barbecue editor, the only such position in the nation, or so they say.  Media from far and wide have covered the news, with the coverage perhaps highlighted by a reverent piece in Texans’ favorite local rag, the New York Times.

With Texas Monthly’s decision, Daniel Vaughn–aka @BBQSnob of the Full Custom Gospel Barbecue blog–instantly became the envy of millions of red-blooded, meat-eating Americans (and probably more than a handful of New Yorkers too).  How does the barbecue editor job compare with other enviable positions?  Working at an architecture firm? Cool, but Vaughn left that gig for Texas Monthly.  Founding your own start-up, Facebook?  Lots of press but a money loser in the long run (wait for it, you’ll see).  POTUS?  Too much stress and too little time eating.  You get the picture: this is a pretty good gig and if the job doesn’t cause Vaughn a coronary then he may well be the luckiest man on the face of this earth since Lou Gehrig himself.

The NYT article notes that Vaughn will be, “the only full-time barbecue critic on the staff of a major newspaper or magazine” in the country.  Surely true, but redolent of Texan braggadocio.  If Texas Monthly elevated BBQ writing to celebrity status, then North Carolina certainly deserves credit for starting the world down this path.  See the well-articulated details on the North Carolina Miscellany blog.  Among the blog post’s best points: “Not to pick on our friends in Texas, but the barbecue editor position at Texas Monthly, at least as described by the Times, sounds more like a barbecue critic, charged with seeking out and reviewing restaurants around the state. In other words, the same thing that Bob Garner has been doing for WUNC-TV and in print for nearly twenty years.”  And thus, as with the origin of barbecue itself, North Carolina led the way.

A True BBQ Jew

BBQ Jews and barbecue lovers everywhere have a new place to visit in The Windy City.  Read all about it, and save some ‘cue for me!

Smiley’s Owner Honored

According to an article in Lexington’s Dispatch newspaper, hometown here Steve Yountz of Smiley’s Lexington BBQ has been added to the NC Barbecue Society’s Wall of Fame.  Yountz was among four inducted this year, along with these others.  See all of the Wall of Fame members here.

Cooper’s 75th

Come on out this Saturday to celebrate venerable Raleigh BBQ joint Cooper’s 75th birthday.  As detailed in the News & Observer, the special event will raise money for Wake County’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. No better way to be kind to animals than slaughtering and eating ’em, right?

Porky’s Pulpit: Kosher ‘Cue Takes NYC by Storm

Porky LeSwine has always been a trend setter.  He is America’s very first blogger to craft his posts while dancing at the intersection of North Carolina-style barbecue and Judaism.  His line of  Swine Swag is unrivaled (and, in fact, so trendy as to be rarely purchased).  He was the first North Carolina barbecue blogger to regularly refer to himself in the third person.  But Porky’s greatest contribution to setting cultural trends to date?  Surely, it is his website.  For sure it is his website that has inspired New York Jews to take to the streets and go wild for… Kosher barbecue?!  Indeed.  Read all about it in the Jewish Press.

Ed Mitchell to Durham

First Wilson, then Raleigh and next Durham?  Famed pit master Ed Mitchell, who has been rumored to be interested in opening a restaurant in downtown Durham ever since parting ways with The Pit, may be getting close to doing just that.  Read more at

If Mitchell’s plans move forward, it will set up an interesting BBQ battle between Mitchell and his former colleagues at The Pit, who are on pace to open a Durham location of the restaurant this summer.  Stay tuned…