Porky’s Pulpit: Kosher ‘Cue Takes NYC by Storm

Porky LeSwine has always been a trend setter.  He is America’s very first blogger to craft his posts while dancing at the intersection of North Carolina-style barbecue and Judaism.  His line of  Swine Swag is unrivaled (and, in fact, so trendy as to be rarely purchased).  He was the first North Carolina barbecue blogger to regularly refer to himself in the third person.  But Porky’s greatest contribution to setting cultural trends to date?  Surely, it is his website.  For sure it is his website that has inspired New York Jews to take to the streets and go wild for… Kosher barbecue?!  Indeed.  Read all about it in the Jewish Press.

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  1. Porky’s Pulpit: Kosher ‘Cue Takes NYC by Storm | BBQ Jew

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