History of Barbecue in Goldsboro

Late last year Carl Eugene McBride, Jr. provided me with a re-revised history of barbecue in Goldsboro, NC.  Alas, I managed to bury his email in my inbox and just came across it again recently.  With apologies for the delay, here is Mr. McBride, Jr.’s new and improved essay.  As I said when I posted the original version, this document ought to be required reading for public school students in Wayne County!

4 Responses

  1. Guess you’re just a Shitty Jew. Can’t even answer tweets, thru your blasphemic consumption of swine. GROW UP, and direct a chap!

  2. […] BBQ Jew shares with us a detailed history of BBQ in Goldsboro, NC by one of his readers. Someone’s put a lot of homework in this piece! […]

  3. Thanks for the update. Gene has done an incredible job of research and documentation and yours wasn’t too shabby either.

    Kay’s response was quite sad and reflects a great deal of ignorance about Southern Jewry.

  4. As a member of the Scott family, I want to thank you for this. Very well done by Mr. McBride. There are things in there I never knew.

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