My good friend and fellow BBQ enthusiast O.B. Goldstein–the O.B. stands for Outside Brown, in case you were wondering–sent me the below picture of a license plate that reads, “WTFBBQ”.  Needless to say, O.B. was puzzled but intrigued by the phrase.  What could it mean?

What The F*%k Barbecue?  Who Tries Frying BBQ?  Why Touch Fool’s Barbecue?  Wonderful Terrific Fantastic BBQ?  The possibilities seemed endless.  Until I Googled the phrase.  (Incidentally, wasn’t life a bit more fun when we were forced to speculate on such matters rather than instantly Googling an answer?)

wtfbbq (2)

What does the license plate actually mean?  If you guessed this definition from, give yourself a pat on the back and then go to your room because you’re grounded!

It’s sad to see the letters BBQ misappropriated for a non-barbecue purpose of any sort, let alone an off color one.  Hopefully karma will catch up with the driver of this car–perhaps in the form of a little trichinosis.

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  1. This might help clarify a bit on the history of this phrase in geek culture.

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