Honey Bee’s BBQ

In the old days (you know, a little more than 5 years ago) one could reasonably fantasize about driving down country roads to discover BBQ gems that were known only to the locals.  The modern day equivalent in this age of social media is to stumble onto a hidden gem on Twitter, Google, or some idiot’s (ahem) blog.

And sure enough, this idiot has stumbled into a possible gem.  Honey Bee’s BBQ is a mobile operation based in Durham but selling throughout the Triad and Triangle and towing a nice, wood-fired rig.  I’ve yet to taste Honey Bee’s barbecue but because they cook over wood, I can at least vouch that they do actually sell barbecue and not gassy roast pork.  Follow them on Twitter, if you are so inclined, and leave a comment if you find them in “real reality” (opposite of virtual) before I do.

NCBS BBQ Boot Camp Registration

See the below press release sent to me by Jim Early of the North Carolina Barbecue Society.  Jim adds, “We have room for about 9 more paid  campers to fill out the camp which is July 19-20, 2013, but the condo hold and great price ends June 30 and I would like our campers have this great price.  We already have our 8 Wounded Warriors and we have a lovely 5 bedroom home with all the amenities atop the mountain comped for the Warriors.”  Sounds like fun so check it out…

The North Carolina Barbecue Society (NCBS) is pleased to share that it will produce its Mountain NCBS BBQ Boot Camp and NCBS Certified BBQ Judge Classes  at Sugar Mountain Ski Resort Friday and Saturday July -20,2013.  The attendees at this event will receive an 18 hour cooking School diploma and a certificate as a NCBS Certified BBQ  Judge.  NCBS Certified BBQ Judges are used to judge all NCBS sanctioned BBQ events.  See our website www.ncbbqsociety.com and click Up Coming Classes home page and follow prompts.

The cooking school will have as instructors some of the top Pit Masters and Chefs in the country.  These highly skilled individuals will conduct classes on cooking whole hogs Eastern NC style (sauces & sides) ,pork shoulders Western NC style(sauces & sides), pork ribs & rubs, beef brisket & rubs, beef steak from inexpensive to high end with sauces a & rubs, Heritage Chicken, Guinea Fowl, and White Ringed Neck Pheasant with exquisite sauces, scrumptious side dishes, delectable appetizers and to die for desserts.  Last year CNNGO.Com named the NCBS Cooking Schools 1 of 10 Excellent cooking schools universally.

The cooking schools are capped at 40 including 8 full scholarships to Wounded Warriors.  With the assistance of our wonderful neighbors at Sugar Mountain,/Banner Elk/Avery County NCBS has acquired lodging at a discounted rate for our attendees.


Need Another Reason Not to Eat BBQ in Canada?

Well, here’s a reason: http://www.edmontonjournal.com/news/national/Winnipeg+woman+finds+squirrel+toilet+fishes+critter+with/8521818/story.html

R.I.P. Sonny Conrad

A legend of BBQ has passed away… http://www.the-dispatch.com/article/20130614/NEWS/130619980/1074?Title=Community-recalls-a-barbecue-icon-in-Conrad

Happy 40th to Stamey’s of Tyro

Friday marks the 40th anniversary of Stamey’s Barbecue of Tyro, just outside of Lexington.  If you’re in the area, drop by for the celebration. Read more in The Dispatch at http://www.the-dispatch.com/article/20130611/NEWS05/306119983.

Pork in the Road

1c29fde4eb7fb17a6e0c1b4e74d32d5b_largeIf the food is half as good as the name, Pork in the Road will earn many loyal customers in the years ahead.  Now how in the world didn’t I think of  this myself?!

The idea is simple and the name is inspired, as we learn from their website: “The concept behind Pork in the Road is fairly self-explanatory, and there’s no better place for a pork-inspired menu than the second highest pork-producing state in the nation. There will be a few pork substitutes for our kosher friends out there, but rest assured, bacon, and other wonderful parts of the pig, will find its way into most every recipe. Stay tuned for more updates!”

Learn about Pork in the Road’s Kickstarter campaign here, or read more about Christian Thompson, the man behind the pig at this blog.

Good luck, Christian, and may the pork be with you!

A Dead End on the Barbecue Trail

On Friday I dragged my wife and kids to Mocksville, on the way to a mountain vacation weekend, in order to dine at Deano’s Barbecue.  You see, Deano’s had been one of the few remaining stops on the NC Barbecue Society’s Historic Barbecue Trail that I’d yet to visit.  The Trail features barbecue joints that, among other criteria, “cook their meat product on pits fueled by wood or charcoal, make their own sauce, [and have a pit that has]… operated continuously for fifteen or more years.”

Until recently Deano’s met the Trail’s criteria for inclusion, and without a doubt earned its place on the map.  But a short visit behind the scenes revealed an unexpected change: I discovered–and confirmed with the owner himself–that Deano’s recently switched to a gas-fired Southern Pride cooker.  The traditional brick-lined, wood-burning pits were for decoration only.  Deano’s change to gas is, first of all, grounds for immediate removal from the trail (I emailed the NC Barbecue Society already, since I figured a 9-1-1 call would be extreme).  I did have some sympathy for the owner when he told me that some health problems had made maintaining the wood pits difficult.  But a gasser is a gasser whether one is sympathetic or not.  And thus another venerable North Carolina barbecue institution has turned its back on tradition and chosen convenience and cost over tradition and quality.  I hate to say it, but Texas is starting to look more appealing every day…