Adam Wainwright, My New Hero

Those of you who know Porky LeSwine well are aware that he loves the St. Louis Cardinals as much as he loves barbecue.  (He also loves to talk about himself in the third person from time to time.)  Thus, Porky was thrilled to see this article about Cards’ ace pitcher, Adam Wainwright.  An avid BBQ eater, Wainwright offers that, “bad barbecue makes me want to fight somebody.”  I know what he means, though I’m not sure I’d phrase it quite that way.

Apologies to the 99% of you readers who find this post completely uninteresting.  Mr. Wainwright, if you are reading this article then please know that: a) you are an honorable man, b) I’ll buy you a plate of NC barbecue anytime and c) you really ought to send me some complimentary playoff tickets.

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