NCBS BBQ Boot Camp Registration

See the below press release sent to me by Jim Early of the North Carolina Barbecue Society.  Jim adds, “We have room for about 9 more paid  campers to fill out the camp which is July 19-20, 2013, but the condo hold and great price ends June 30 and I would like our campers have this great price.  We already have our 8 Wounded Warriors and we have a lovely 5 bedroom home with all the amenities atop the mountain comped for the Warriors.”  Sounds like fun so check it out…

The North Carolina Barbecue Society (NCBS) is pleased to share that it will produce its Mountain NCBS BBQ Boot Camp and NCBS Certified BBQ Judge Classes  at Sugar Mountain Ski Resort Friday and Saturday July -20,2013.  The attendees at this event will receive an 18 hour cooking School diploma and a certificate as a NCBS Certified BBQ  Judge.  NCBS Certified BBQ Judges are used to judge all NCBS sanctioned BBQ events.  See our website and click Up Coming Classes home page and follow prompts.

The cooking school will have as instructors some of the top Pit Masters and Chefs in the country.  These highly skilled individuals will conduct classes on cooking whole hogs Eastern NC style (sauces & sides) ,pork shoulders Western NC style(sauces & sides), pork ribs & rubs, beef brisket & rubs, beef steak from inexpensive to high end with sauces a & rubs, Heritage Chicken, Guinea Fowl, and White Ringed Neck Pheasant with exquisite sauces, scrumptious side dishes, delectable appetizers and to die for desserts.  Last year CNNGO.Com named the NCBS Cooking Schools 1 of 10 Excellent cooking schools universally.

The cooking schools are capped at 40 including 8 full scholarships to Wounded Warriors.  With the assistance of our wonderful neighbors at Sugar Mountain,/Banner Elk/Avery County NCBS has acquired lodging at a discounted rate for our attendees.


3 Responses

  1. I doubt they’d ever have much incentive to change anything as long as they keep filling these up, but when I was looking into one of these before I couldn’t help but think it was an awful lot of time and money to learn things like how to BBQ a brisket from a Carolinian. Let alone exquisite sauces, scrumptious side dishes, delectable appetizers, and to die for desserts. Why all the filler? I mean, besides giving them a reason to jack up the camp fee?

    But a day-long (or even just an afternoon-long) education on whole hog BBQ from someone like Steve Grady, or one on shoulder from a Monk? This BBQ nerd is there.

  2. So I just went back to refresh my memory…

    $450 + two nights lodging + travel fees, according to the October 2012 summary, would have gotten you:

    -2.5hrs combined on shoulder (from last minute sub instructors) and Eastern sauce (from Steve Grady, which is kind of like bringing in Michael Jordan to give tips on how to shop for a good pair of Nikes).

    -Lots of filler, including a quality of life seminar.


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