Kansas City – The K is for Kosher?

The Kosher barbecue scene is heating up faster than a gefilte fish swimming upstream.

At least that’s my conclusion based on the pictures in the Kansas City Star of yesterday’s 2nd annual Kansas City Kosher BBQ Festival, which was organized by Rabbi Mendel Segal (soon to be known as Rabbi Handi Wipe?).  Click on this link to see a photo gallery of the event, including a picture of the Rabbi’s father as he “tested some BBQ ribs,” according the the Star.  It sure does look like a pork rib that he is eating but I have a sneaking suspicion that it is actually a piece of burnt end.  Anyway, good to see the KC Kosher community embracing barbecue.  That said, I’m still waiting for the Judea (Really) Reform Whole Hog Barbecue Contest…