Call for Porkposals – Input Wanted

Dear Readers,

By now we hope you realize that we, ever your loyal servants, strive and toil to bring a little bit of grease-tinged and hickory-kissed sunshine into your lives.  We want this website to provide you with all the NC barbecue-related news, trivia, reviews and other content your heart desires.  Since we fear we may someday–only in the distant future, we hope–start to run low on ideas for this site, we thought you might be able to provide some advance help.  Consider this a patriotic, preemptive strike for the sake of continued quality at  Or just consider it a shameless attempt to steal your good ideas.  Either way, would you be so kind as to drop us a line at, or leave a comment on this post, with you answers to the below questions? 

1) What would you like to know about NC barbecue? Are there any mysteries you’d like solved?

2) Would you like to see more guest posts from other barbecue aficianados/junkies?  If so, tell us whom you’d like to hear from and give us their contact info if you have it (self-nominations are welcome).

3) Which joints would you like to see reviewed? (There’s a good chance it’s on our to-chow list already but we are always open to suggestions.)

4) What other barbecue-related topics would you like to see us address? 

We can’t promise we’ll deliver on every request, but we’re sure we’ll borrow many of your ideas.  Thanks y’all.

Swinecerely your’s,

Porky LeSwine & The Rib Rabbi