Porky’s Pulpit: Pig Barrel Politics

Happier Than a Pig in Sh… Argentina?
We’d be remiss if we didn’t seize this increasingly-not-so-rare opportunity at pig-related humor about a politician from a pig-friendly state.  With Former North Carolina Senator/Failed Presidential Candidate John Edwards’ piggish behavior fading from the limelight, fresh revelations from the Land of Mustard Other Carolina have filled the void.  As you’ve undoubtedly heard by now, Soon-to-be-Former (?) Governor and Suddenly-Less-Likely-to-be Future Presidential Candidate Mark Sanford of South Carolina (where the mustard-tinged barbecue sauce must have impaired his thinking) was caught in a web of lies last week.  Sanford disappeared for several days before it was revealed that he was visiting Argentina, the country with the highest per capita beef consumption.  As if visiting the beef capital of the world was not pig-headed enough, Sanford did so to visit his mistress.  This presumably steak-fueled affair represents a double-affront: to Sanford’s wife and to the hog-loving populace of South Carolina.

Before Charlotte’s Web of Deception
Amazingly, Sanford’s piggish behavior in Argentina was not his first pig-related scandal.  Several years earlier, Sanford raised quite a stink when he brought a pair of piglets to the South Carolina State Capitol.  The piglets, predictably named “Pork” and “Barrel,” Continue reading