BBQ and Sbarro Side-by-Side?

Hell has frozen over at last. 

The news out of Burlington is that the owners of Hursey’s Barbecue are opening a location at Holly Hill Mall in the home of an old Chik-ail-A.  Given that barbecue really is fast food (well, aside from the hours of cooking time), it makes a lot of sense to sell it in a mall.  And since Hursey’s cooks their ‘cue over wood at their main location (pictured below) you don’t have to worry too much about how a mall will impact their cooking.  But it still feels more than a bit odd to think of being able to order BBQ inside a shopping mall.

Coming soon to a food court near you.

 This is the first time I have heard of a NC BBQ joint opening up shop inside a mall. Anyone else know otherwise?

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  1. A couple-three iterations ago of what is now Back Yard BBQ on NC 55, it was a place called A.W.’s or something like that. Anyway, they had a branch location in the food court of the Prime Outlets of Morrisville but it, like that iteration of said BBQ joint and like most things in the Prime Outlets, didn’t last terribly long.

  2. Northgate Mall once upon a time had “Mr. Bar-B-Q and Stuff.” I can’t really speak to the quality of the ‘Cue but I seem to remember that the hush puppies were good.

  3. Another Q-joint inside a shopping mall is located in Kinston, NC. “RJ’s Famous Chicken, Bar-B-Que & Ribs” is NOT a place worth much attention, as it doesn’t have much to write about. The Q was rather moist, but chewy, with a vinegar twang, but not much smoke. Only $3.01 including Tea and tax, so it won’t set you back too far, but still… Drive a little to “King’s” for MUCH better Q!!!

  4. Thanks for the food court education, everyone!

  5. Fuzzy’s Barbecue had a store in the Eden Mall about 15-20 years ago.

  6. One more “Mall” Q-joint just opened. This one in Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh! “Dixie Belle’s Smokehouse” (a spin-off on the one in Apex) is open for business. Unfortunately, they don’t have very good barbecue either. It’ll do if you just have to have Q, but don’t be expecting too much!

  7. I work in the GNC directly beside this new Hursey’s location and there is NO Sbarro in this mall so I have no idea where you got that idea.

  8. […] recently enlightened me on the topic of BBQ in mall food courts and I once again need to drink from your well of wisdom.  When traveling in the Greenville area […]

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