The Pig Now Open in Chapel Hill

As of a couple of weeks ago, The Pig has opened in Chapel Hill in the old location of The Barbecue Joint at 630 Weaver Dairy Road.  We speculated about the possible connection between The Barbecue Joint and The Pig in a previous post.  In fact, according to The Pig’s Facebook page, the owner “worked at The Barbecue Joint for a couple of years and owe[s] allot [sic] of my chops to Damon Lapas but The Pig is in no way associated with either Damon or Jonathon.”  The menu (available on the website) certainly bears some resemblance to The Barbecue Joint in that it appears to include some inventive twists on traditional barbecue joint offerings.  We’ve yet to check out it out for ourselves but are excited to do so soon. In the meantime, try it for yourself: the hours are Mon-Thu 11 to 9 and Fri-Sat 11 to 10.

3 Responses

  1. Had dinner at the Pig for the first time last Friday night. Got the large tray. Pulled is not my favorite but theirs had a nice hickory smoke flavor (which I don’t find common in these parts), and a generous allotment of yummy brown bits. Puppies were sweet with a nice crispness. The sweet pickles on the side were a perfect addition (I could have eaten a whole jar of those). Wife got the smoked chicken. Dry in places and I prefer a sweeter rub but otherwise good. The brussel sprout and shroom side was novel and dang tasty. Staff were super friendly and efficient. I’ll go again.

  2. I’ve been there a bunch and had everything from the BBQ plate to the pimento cheese tamales to the chicken fried tofu with mushroom gravy . Today I actually had a sweet PLT sandwich, which is a sweet potato sandwich but like a BLT (believe it). It sounded crazy but I got it because everything is so good there that I knew it would be , too. And it was. It actually smelled like bacon and tasted like it, too. I love that the specials change and there’s always something interesting. Oh, and they also got a great mention in the NY Times this past weekend along with Only Burger.

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