BBQ&A: Thomas Morris (aka Another_Q_Lover), BBQ Eater, Judge, Reviewer & Cooker

I met Thomas Morris, aka Another_Q_Lover, at the Twin City RibFest in Winston-Salem this past summer.  As we waited to judge the rib cooking competition, Morris agreed to sit down (well, he was sitting down already so that part didn’t take much convincing) and answer some of my disjointed questions.  We talked about his decades of experience eating, cooking, writing about and most recently judging North Carolina barbecue.  Morris is originally from Ohio but since moving to the Tar Heel state 30 years ago he’s ingested enough pork to have more than earned his state citizenship and, for what little it’s worth, my respect (he has been eating NC barbecue longer than I have, after all).  Without further ado, here’s Another_Q…

Follow this link to read the interview with Thomas Morris/Another_Q_Lover.

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  1. Hey Porky! Thanks for the interview! I’d forgotten some of the stuff that we talked about.
    Just an update from the time we judged the ribs (and did the interview): both my wife and I have gotten our certifications from the Memphis Barbecue Network (MBN), and she is signed up for the KCBS Certified Barbeque Judge (CBJ) training in Lexington in February (wonderful that she is judging with me!); “4 Lil’ Pigs Competition Barbecue Team” competed in our first competition in October (we didn’t finish DEAD LAST – but close); I’ve judged in an additional five contests since the rib-fest (2-KCBS, 2-MBN, and 1-NCPC); and I’m up to 305 Q-joints in North Carolina that I’ve reviewed and rated in my book (as well as 48 more outside of NC). I’ve talked with two more “publisher type” people about the book, but I still have so many more Q-joints out there to review that I’m not ready to proceed with publishing right now. The “fun” is seeking out new (or old) Q-joints and trying their barbecue and then giving my opinion on their product. I’d hate to publish something and leave a Q-joint out that has been around for a while!
    I’m glad you are planning on getting your CBJ from KCBS and I look forward to judging MANY competitions with you in the future!!!

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