Dickey’s vs. BBQ Jew: Tweet Battle Royale

Just days after joining Twitter I received the below none-too-friendly tweet from my new friends at Dickey’s Barbecue. A shot across the bow indeed!

Dickey's Barbecue  Dickeys_NC Dickey’s Barbecue “@BBQJew At some point you will be man enough to allow our response and positive customer feedback that was once there . Why do you censor??”

 Here’s what I said in response:

Porky LeSwine BBQJew Porky LeSwine “@Dickeys_NC I have never censored anything on my site other than spam. Assuming your BBQ isn’t spam, I won’t censor your comments either.”

Maybe Dickey’s will respond by commenting on this post… if they are “man enough.”  Oh brother. I guess this is how Texans settle their differences when the death penalty is not an option.

4 Responses

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  2. As a fellow Jew and bbq restaurant owner, screw dickys BBQ. Food is average at best.

    If you are ever in Dallas Texas area , stop by. Our website is http://www.bigracksbbq.com

    Ps, love the blog!

  3. Hey Brad!

    Just want to let you know that I was in Dallas a few weeks ago and stopped by Big Racks (as well as Bryant’s and Hard 8s) and the pulled pork that Big Racks serves is by far the best, moistest, most tender, and delicious pork that I’ve ever put in my mouth at a Q-joint!!! I’ve eaten at, reviewed and rated 306 Q-joints IN North Carolina (and 49 outside the state), but the pork at Big Racks beats everyone else by far!!! Keep up the GREAT work!!!

  4. Thanks for the positive comments about our joint!

    Big Racks BBQ Restaurant DFW

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