Porky’s Pulpit: Frozen Pig Semen

I received my new, free subsription to Pork Magazine this week.  In case you are among the remaining few who don’t subscribe to this trade journal, it proclaims itself, “The Business Magazine for Professional Pork Producers,” and who am I to disagee with such a specific claim?  Speaking of pork production, evidently pigs do not reproduce through mitosis.   Indeed, here is a photo of the disturbing full page advertisement that graces the inside cover of the May 2011 issue of Pork Magazine:


AMG catheters: “Undisputedly, the world’s finest catheter for frozen semen.”  Again, I will not argue with such a specific claim (though I did look up undisputedly online and discovered it is, indisputedly, a real word). Yet all of a sudden my quaint childhood dreams of being a farmer are gone–gone like a semen snow covered evergreen.