Southern Living’s ‘cue awards

Southern Living, that bastion of southern culture as viewed through a sometimes snooty lens (a monacle?) is in its best down home mode with a “‘cue awards” feature, which is available for free online.  North Carolina is well represented, as it should be, including in the cover page video that highlights Sam Jones of the Skylight Inn’s family dynasty as well as legendary pitmaster Ed Mitchell.

Features include “The South’s Best Butt,” which gives props to Allen & Son, Bunn’s, Jimmy’s, Lexington #1, and Red Bridges; my only real quibble with that list is that focusing on butts (shoulders, really) rules out all the great whole hog places down east, but at least they didn’t confuse butts and full hogs. On a low note, only one North Carolina sauce made the Southern Living best of list, and it’s from, gulp, Cary.  It’s a shame that they didn’t include any NC classics; Scott’s sauce would have been worthy of inclusion, among others.

Another feature worth a chuckle is the barbecue personality test.  Porky LeSwine scored a “Pitmaster,” which may be a bit of a stretch but reflects my barbecue fundamentalism. I’m not sure if “yankee” is another possible test result, though I sure hope so. Anyone willing to slander yourself?

There’s quite a bit of other content within the main ‘cue awards page, so you have my permission to leave to browse awhile.