Robinson Ferry Restaurant & Spirits

There’s a new barbecue restaurant open way up north, the north part of the state that is.  Robinson Ferry Restaurant & Spirits opened in Warrenton a week ago, and specializes in southern food including barbecue.  I plan to try it soon but let me know if you’ve already been…

Major League Blogging

Like many underprepared minor league players before me, an injury-decimated major league squad had no choice but call me up.  Or at least that’s my assumption.

I received an invitation to guest blog for the Southern Foodways Alliance during their summer of barbecue blogging.  I can only assume this means that their starting bloggers all came down with swine flu, and nobody else was left.  Or maybe there just aren’t many folks willing to write posts for someone else’s blog without pay.  Either way, I’m happy to help, as the SFA is a spectacularly cool organization.  Give them a Google if you don’t know what they do, and come on over and visit me and the other summer bloggers in the weeks ahead at

No Experience Necessary

Everyone once in awhile I get an email that stands out from the dozens–okay, just two or three–that I get each week.  Last week I got a note from someone I will call “Mike” because his name is Mike.  I had no good answer for Mike and hope some of you loyal readers can help me out.  Mike’s email follows verbatim (even his use of the word perspicacity, which I had to look up):

To my favorite parttime purveyors of pork perspicacity,

You have a great blog, its a constant source of much joy, and the first time I ever cooked a whole shoulder I used your rub recommendations with some minor tweaks. It was awesome.
I’m writing because you seem like you interact with plenty of NC BBQ types and so you might be able to answer my question. Due to a serious change in personal circumstances, my previous career is ending, and so I’ve got some time to go back to square one and chase my real dream: cooking pig for a small living, and getting to meet cool people in the process.
This is obviously not easily accomplished, so I’m looking for a pig-ternship of sorts in the RDU area, some place where I can go to learn, bust my ass, and smell like smoke when I get home. I’ll do whatever I need to do, but I’d like to get my foot in the door.
I’m wondering since you seem to have an ear to the ground of sorts- is there some pig pit in particular where a skilled and willing amateur could go beg for a job without getting laughed out of the kitchen? ([Name deleted] from [restaurant deleted] seems like a possibility…)
I know career advice isn’t in your normal job description, but this is a pretty non-traditional situation. All the best!
Alright folks, let’s help Mike chase his smoke-filled dreams.  If you have ideas leave them in the comments or email me at bbqjew at and I’ll connect you with Mike.

Watch Your Back, McRib!

McDonald’s dreadful McRib sandwich is under attack and so is all of western southern civilization: Burger King has announced its plans to bring, ahem, regionally inspired barbecue to the masses.

If Dickey’s Barbecue Pit is to BBQ what the Olive Garden is to Italian food, than Burger King must be Pizza Hut.  The end is near my friends.

Don’t take my word for it?  Look at this quote from Alex Macedo, Burger King’s senior vice president: “Barbecues are synonymous with summer; we gather together with family and friends  to eat great food, and now Burger King offers guests a chance to sit back and  let us take over the grilling.”  Grilling, eh?  Yeah, that about sums it up.


Now in Bookstores

Christmas has come early for the BBQ Jew, in the form of a new Bob Garner tome. 

Bob is already a cultural icon in NC and his latest work should add to his legend.  So far I have just thumbed through, but Bob Garner’s Book of Barbecue has already earned the coveted BBQ Jew seal of approval as shown below.  Buy a copy today at or your local bookstore if you still have one…



Mamas, Don’t Let Your Sons Grow Up to Be… This Guy

File this under “So Sad It’s Funny.”  CBS Charlotte reports that Salisbury Police apprehended a man employed by a local barbecue restaurant for peeping on his mother-in-law.  What’s funny about that?  Well, it was the glorious stench of barbecue that helped police catch the criminal.

According to CBS Charlotte, the victim “told police that she smelled barbecue coming from outside her home. Knowing her son-in-law works at a local barbecue restaurant, she grew suspicious.”  I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that the victim would prefer her son-in-law not refer to her as “mom.” Just a hunch.

You can’t make this stuff up, folks.  God bless America and its muckraking journalists.