Do Magical Elves Love BBQ?

See below for an unpaid (unfortunately) advertorial, which is excerpted from an email I received earlier this week.  (The content is not directly barbecue-related but I hope it interests some of you.)  Then keep reading for my snide remarks. 

I’m writing from Emmy-nominated production company, Magical Elves (Project Runway and Top Chef).  We are casting a new show for NBC called America’s Next Great Restaurant (wt) – a competition show where the next great restaurant concept could make a big splash.  We are seeking foodies, entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, those with a creative business sense but also people with no food biz experience who simply have a great idea.  As someone whose content gets in front of a lot of these types, we are hoping you might find this interesting enough to let your readers know about.  

We will actually be holding an open casting call in Raleigh! So we would love to meet everyone in person and hear their concept first hand. We will be at:

Monday, March 22
6102 Falls of Neuse Rd.
Raleigh, North Carolina 27609
10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

More information can be found at:, with a click through to our site with the application on it.

Rest assured that I’ve been working day-and-night to dream up the greatest barbecue-concept restaurant.  Here’s my idea… wait for it… 

My concept is a bit radical, but I’ll share it anyway.  Imagine a quaint, unpretentious restaurant–let’s call it a “joint”!–that cooks whole hogs or pork shoulders slow and low over wood coals. The pork would be served with a deceptively simple vinegar-based sauce that highlights the succulent pork’s smoke-kissed flavor without overwhelming it.  Sides would include dishes like hush puppies, slaw and Brunswick stew.  And the iced tea would be, get this, sweet.  This “barbecue joint” would emphasize quality and would not try to be everything to everybody. Now that’s an idea! 

Sarcasm aside, this honestly sounds like a great opportunity for local restaurant types so spread the word.  Returning to sarcasm, does anyone else find it ironic that the casting call for a show about innovative restaurant concepts is being held at Chipotle?  No disrespect to the chain that offers such culinary innovations as the Burrito Bowl, but really?!

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