VP “Biden” His Time at Bullock’s

What do Irish rock stars and the Vice President of the United States have in common?  Both eat mediocre barbecue when visiting North Carolina. 

Back in October, we learned that U2 chowed down on Clyde Cooper’s barbecue after a show in Raleigh (they had eaten Bullock’s on a past visit).  And now comes news that Joe Biden dined at Bullock’s on a recent visit to Durham.  Although I am not a huge fan of Bullock’s, I am pleased to see from pictures of the meal that it appears the Veep, Durham Mayor Bill Bell and others ordered “family style.”  If only Democrats and Republicans could sit down and share a family style meal, maybe we’d get some decent legislation passed once in awhile.  Instead, we end up with legislation that is more watered down than bad iced tea.  Speaking of tea, no word on whether Delaware’s favorite son Biden knew to refrain from ordering his unsweetened…

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