Beer and BBQ on the 7th Day

Continuing this week’s inadvertent beer theme, I just learned of a new event taking place on Sundays in downtown Durham.  Fullsteam Brewery, purveyors of hickory-smoked Hogwash and a wide variety of other southern agriculture-focused “plow to pint” offerings, pairs up with Backyard BBQ Pit, a wood pit barbecue joint that cooks up the best ‘cue in Durham.  Each Sunday from 4 to 8 p.m.  (at least until further notice, so call ahead), the two businesses team up to bring you the succinctly named “BBQ and Beer Sundays.”  The BBQ and beer sabbath is held at 726 Rigsbee Avenue in Durham, Fullsteam Brewery’s world headquarters.

2 Responses

  1. ha! I didn’t know Backyard BBQ Pit made that promo. You can tell it was them because it’s “BBQ and Beer Sundays” and not “Beer and BBQ…”

    Though I’ll admit I still have a hard time typing “BBQ”…but their ‘cue is so good, I’m cool with it.

  2. Fullsteam, I wondered about that, but figured maybe you were going in alphabetical order or something. As for typing “BBQ,” believe me when I say it begins to make sense after blogging about barbecue for awhile. Beer is a much shorter word, so no need to call it BER.

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