Organizing a Protest Against Dickey’s

As loyal readers of this site are well aware, I have devoted a fair amount of virtual ink to my reasons for disliking Dickey’s Barbecue Pit.  Well, now is your chance to help me drive my point home: I am organizing a grassroots protest against Dickey’s, which is the barbecue chain equivalent of Applebee’s (motto “Eatin’ Not-So-Good in Every Neighborhood”).

Dickey’s in downtown Raleigh is hosting a pulled pork sandwich eating contest on September 15th at 1:00 p.m.  This event sounds fun until one realizes that it is Dickey’s sandwiches that will be served, not Clyde Cooper’s.

The Pro-Pork Protest: Enter the contest, preferrably wearing the t-shirt of your favorite local BBQ joint or Clyde Cooper’s, but don’t eat a bite of the food set in front of you.  There is no need to say anything, and certainly don’t be rude.  This should be a silent, peaceful hunger strike–remember that Gandhi could go for days without food so you can go for a few minutes without pork.

Unfortunately, the event takes place at a time that I likely cannot attend or I would be there in a heartbeat.  Instead, I encourage all of you to share this idea far and wide and see if we can get a small crowd of protesters to show up for the competition.

If three or more brave soulds drop me a line at BBQJew at confirming your plans to attend, I will alert the media of the protest and see if they will cover the story.  I will also promise to buy the first 10 protesters a BBQ sandwich at the local restaurant of their choosing.  Let’s show Dickey’s what real barbecue is all about: family-ownership, unique local flavor, and loyalty.  Who’s with me?