BBQ on Wheels (Food Truck ‘Cue)

Food trucks, a popular concept in large cities like Los Angeles and New York for years, infiltrated North Carolina over the last few years and have really taken off.  The combination of low overhead and being able to seek out your customers seems to be a winning formula for food truck operators.  Although mobile taco vendors are probably the godfathers of the burgeoning North Carolina food truck scene, whether they know it or not, food trucks now run the gamut from burgers to Indian food to pretty much anything you can imagine.  And it didn’t take long for savvy entrepreneurs to put two and two together and realize that 2+2=BBQ.

In an ideal world, food trucks specializing in North Carolina pork barbecue will allow the use of inexpensive rural land and less rigid regulations to cook the ‘cue on wood-fired pits.  The operators can then “bring the pork to market” in the big city–downtown Charlotte, Raleigh, wherever–where property costs are high and wood-cooking is less practical.  For now this is a pipe dream, and BBQ food trucks are mostly gassers like most brick and mortar joints, but a man can dream.  Below is a list of North Carolina-based BBQ food trucks I’m aware of:

Surely there are others I’ve yet to hear about, so please add a comment if you know of any other Tar Heel food trucks that specialize in barbecue.

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  1. Another great one:

  2. Oops – just saw you have it listed!

  3. Red’s Barbecue truck comes to uptown Charlotte twice a week. I like the habanero sauce.

  4. Thanks Lawrence, I’ve updated the post to include Red’s. I figured Charlotte must have a BBQ truck!

  5. This is a great list, I had no idea there were so many BBQ food trucks in the area. How about Holy Matrimony Wingzza Truck? I can’t resist a good food truck and BBQ is my personal favorite.

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  7. you have got a wonderful ideas about recipes thanks for sharing.

  8. There is a BBQ truck here in Apex, NC called RedEye Barbeque. Awesome food!

  9. You should check out RedEye Barbeque in Apex. They have a big yellow trailer. Their meat is smoked on the trailer with no gas. Great flavor! Pork is great but the brisket is amazing!!! Check it out

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